It is the parents' expression of dealing with sadness,worry,loneliness and depression on their children's departure from home on account of studies or marriage.It is very challenging for parents who have cared and reared their child with love and patience.Mothers become more afflicted with this change  and sink into depression.Some parents remain positive in this transitory phase while others can't bear the loneliness.

They miss the child's companionship and go into an abyss of despair.They feel their life has lost meaning and sometimes they have to seek professional help.

CAUSES:The umbilical cord tie  is difficult to break and parents become worry worts when the child leaves home.The time hangs and they don't know how to fill their lives.Sometimes medication and psychotherapy helps to mitigate the depressive symptoms.


Keep in touch

Seek Support

Stay positive

Utilize the time well

Find your self-identity

Go in for yoga and meditation

Develop hobbies

Travel more

Catch up with friends

Socialize more

Do more work outs

Keep a pet

Interact more with your spouse

Join support groups

Join a new course

Indulge in gardening

Participate in charities

Do social work

Re start your career

Look towards a bright future

And rejoice in the fact that your children are making you proud with their achievements.Give them both roots and wings for a happy future.