Nuance Dragon is a speech recognition software that is used as an application to transcribe spoken words into written text. It comes with a microphone that a user plugs into the laptop and with the help of voice commands, dictate the software to follow various orders. Some common issues can be related to Dragon. This blog discusses these matters and provides secure solutions for fixing the same. You can read this until the end for gaining knowledge about Dragon Troubleshooting tips. And, for any further assistance can get in touch with Nuance dragon tech support number. If Nuance Dragon works as per your expectation, it can be a fantastic and timesaving tool. However, when it stops working, it can become a hassle. Look out for manual troubleshooting shared below.

One of the primary reason why errors in Nuance Dragon occurs is when you do not follow the ‘Order’ or do not use the Microphone properly. Do you know that almost all of the bizarre errors can be resolved if you follow the proper order while starting the program. It can also lead to lack of speech recognition by the software when you are dictating something.

Order matters to solve Nuance Not working error

If you are coming across vague error messages and the speech recognition software has stopped working, so follow these steps in the given order every time you use it.

  • Firstly, plug the Microphone to the USB port of your laptop/desktop.
  • Then, click on the Dragon software icon installed in your system. It will be a green flame icon
  • After that, click on the program you wish to dictate into for commands.
  • Once you have finished dictating the program, log out of the program
  • After that with the help of voice command, close Dragon
  • Lastly, remove the Microphone

Tip: Do not remove the Microphone until you close all the applications.

How to use the Microphone for avoiding the issues

  • Always make sure that you use the authentic microphones that are meant for Nuance Dragon.
  • If you find that, your Microphone is not working, as it should be, then:
  • Try to recalibrate it using the audio wizard
  • Open Dragon software and click on ‘Tools.’
  • Now select the option of ‘Accuracy Center.’
  • After that from the given menu, click on ‘Check your audio settings.’
  • Now run through the audio wizard that follows

Remember the Half Second Rule with your Microphone

  • It means that you should press the record button on your Microphone for half a second before you begin to dictate.
  • Look for the light on your Microphone and see if it is turned on.
  • You can also view the Microphone icon on the Dragon bar and see whether it is green in color.

These are some suggestions that you can follow to solve the issue manually. However, if you still come across errors and are not able to use the software to its full use, then do get in touch with Nuance dragon technical support number. It will connect you with the certified experts who will guide you with the best solution possible.

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