In everyone's life, there is an incident that gives his/her life that a new sense of meaning but in my life, there were more than one. the first incident happened when I went to kempty fall which is located in mussoorie with my family I was three years old at that time. Kempty fall is a place where a lot of people drown every year and after they drown their body is not discovered by anyone because water is pretty deep and lots of other reasons. I was sitting on the rock while my family was enjoying in the water then suddenly I got dizzy and fell into the water, as a result, I started to drown.  Luckily my family figured it out in time that I might have fallen in the water and saved me by a margin of a second before I could die. When I regained consciousness I was told that God must love me because I was the only one who was survived after falling in the water, every one congratulated me and said that you are lucky to be alive. The second incident took place last when I had neck surgery which went on for seven hours and was a major one according to doctors. When I regained consciousness I was shifted back to my room where all my family members were waiting for me and my parents were told that a drain was attached to my neck to collect the impure blood from my neck but in few minutes time  I started to sweat and was suffocation. My parents asked the nurse to check the drain but the nurse thought since  Operation Theatre is a lot cooler than the room she should lower the temperature because according to her drain was working properly. My doctor had five surgeries that day but he decided to visit me since he had a few extra minutes but found out the problem I was facing and found out that the drain got blocked. He told my parents that-"if we don't do anything quickly your son would die '' and as a result, he including all hospital staff rushed me back to the Operation Theatre to remove the impure blood from my neck.  When I was recovering in the recovery room the doctor told my parents that this condition happens to One in a million because of which they were forced on me again. Seriously speaking when if you recover from two life-threatening incidents you get a sense of respect, love, you also get a new view for life and you feel like you are reborn.