I began my digital journey in 2007 and recently completed ten years in the virtual world. Recently I reflected upon the most critical lessons I had learned in ten years of the virtual world.

On Branding & Reputation

1) Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

2) Brands are built by a pride of association with like-minded people and role models.

3) Your story is your brand. 

4) Your network is who you know and your reputation is who knows you. 

On Content & Creativity

5) What comes straight from the heart touches straight at the heart.

6) People believe it when others appreciate you. Your content is taken seriously when it is shared by others

7) Content is king, engagement is queen, passion is princess and technology is a prince.

8) Content is king, conversion is the prime minister, and we live in a democracy.

9) Creativity leads to deeper insights. Insights lead to even deeper creativity. 

On Personal Growth

10) Selfishness is our default setting but we are empowered to change the settings. 

11) Nothing succeeds like passion inspired success. Dig out your deep passion. 

12) Collaboration happens when you shift to "You, We, Us" mode.

13) A great self-image is a starting point for a great journey.

14) The destination is a mirage. The journey is the Nirvana. 

15) Branding is just the journey. Bonding is the destination.

16) Tell yourself the right stories. Beliefs are stories we tell ourselves.

17) Find magic partners and spread the magic. There is magic in unconditional love. 

18) Learn once and earn forever does not work anymore. Today you need to unlearn, learn and relearn.

19) Meditation is just living in the moment. 

20) Social media is a glasshouse. You can't fake it for long.

On Storytelling & Inspiration

21) You can't heal yourself without telling your story. 

22) Empathy first, authentic story later.

23) Your stories must move people .....into action, smiles or tears. 

24) Words carry energy. Energy carries magic.

25) The deeper the love you put, the higher the inspiration you draw.