Even  aftr  so  many  preventative  measures  we  face  the  problems  that  we  want  to  avoid . What is the way out then ?  We better  be  Situational  that  time  than  being rigid  with  principles. 

I  have  come  across  a  woman  needing  sanitary pads urgently but when asked to her  husband  was replied  that  when  there  are  better ways  like  online  shopping  and home delivery  why should he go for buying such stuffs ?  Perhaps, for buying such personal stuffs for his better half  he would  have to descend from his high profile!  This is the love , care and respect for a woman  in this society where  Goddesses are  worshiped like anything !

By the way, is not there a better way out in each and every situation?  While drinking  and  dancing  by  holding hands  of  other women  in the name of partying, hugging them in the name of modernity  and speaking with  loud and rude tone to own woman in the name of  her destiny why not  striking any better way  of cultured  grooming? Perhaps, all these heighten the    status !!

The better ways are not as per the wayward wishes ,

benevolence should be the attitude.