I don't have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness - it's right in front of me if I'm paying attention and practicing gratitude. 

                                                       -- Brene Brown

We tend to open those closed doors of our prayers, when we are a little perceive about the hard days waiting at our doorsteps. I encountered many such circumstances like, to outperform the accomplishment that was once the cynosure of all eyes, to be a seeker of applause for any presentation given, to become a conqueror of my very own territory- Chess, to be the valuable wheat in every segregation of the wheat from chaff. The list goes on.In one way or other , these circumstances might surface at your own life even you are at the autumn years of your life. Analogous with these circumstances, it is even more surprising to hear the sounds of breaking-coconuts before the satellite launch. I am gonna share a story by Mahatria which i'm inspired of.

Here it goes

The Child is crying and her mother knows because she is hungry

And child is again crying , her mother knows now because she feels sleepy

And again the child is crying,her mother knows now because of stomach ache

And again the child is crying,her mother knows now because of wet diaper

The child is keep on crying,crying,crying but her mother knows the reason behind it.

In times of these circumstances, doesn't your ultimate creator know what you want? With all the bad days coming your way, your creator knows when and how to give you the power to overcome the pain. So, stop blaming God for your tears, thank him for giving you the superpower to smile again. I mean, its life, it is ought to be designed with upside down. Saying is easier rather than following but moving one step head is also far better than sitting back.Can't we try to be grateful for what we possess?