Respect is when you prioritize other people's life,rights,feelings,emotions,words, and you admire them for what they are.Self respect is when you believe in yourself,live your life in dignity by doing what is right,and asking justice for yourself .I think people misjudge these two words sometime because when you want to show self respect to yourself, then you end up asking for your rights, and which might lead you to speak up against someone you respect for that.The situation might seem that you are being disrespectful to that very person you respect but you just sharing your opinion,you are doing what you feel right thing to do,there is nothing to do with respect or disrespect in these cases.And if you truly respect someone ,then its always two way comunication,the speaker and the listener,both knows what they wants to imply ,but viewer wont understand it.Its just opinion ,and there are always two sides of it.Someone could agree or have no control over someone's opinion but its you,who decided to respect someone particular, and every time its not mandatory to nod for yes.It depends on why you are respecting someone in first place,if you put respect for wrong reasons,you might lose it depends on how you are putting your respect ,on what basis.Someone can respect Laden for his intelligence he is the only person who literally shook America. Also someone can disrespect the same person because of the terrorism he spread,so respect or disrespect depends on how you are dealing with certain aspect of human being.And it doesn't depend on designation but the quality inside which make people worthy for perticular designation they hold.The problem is most people have authority for what they do but not worthy enough to take those responsibilities what they have.And when someone decide to go against these people.It might look like arrogance or reckless behavior but He or she just want to hold on his or her self dignity.
So Respect and Self respect might not walk same way but it depends on individuals.