Hey, mom,

Did I ever say I love you to the moon and back? I haven't, I guess. Even if I have, it would be zero compared to yours. You love me ever since you learned you were going to bring me into this world. And, I love you ever since I gained the little bit of sense and felt I wouldn't be able to live without you anywhere.

Did I ever ask how you are? I barely asked I know. (I’m sorry!) But, you’ve always kept a track on my health both physically and emotionally. I’ve only asked when I saw you severely ill when you lacked energy and couldn’t get off the bed to make the breakfast for us and suggested to eat out something and buy the lunch home when you asked to buy the prescribed medicine. I’m sorry, Mum.

Did I ever thank you for anything- for bringing me in this world, for sending me to a good school, for educating me, for guiding me whenever I was in a mess, for protecting me from this cruel world, for caressing me, for loving me, for comforting me when I was shivering with fever, for kissing me while I cried after being bullied, for believing in me- and everything you’ve done for me or still doing or willing to do in future? Never!

Did I ever ask about your day which you did every time I got back from school and, now, office? No!

Did I ever say you are the best Mum in this world? I may not be the perfect son, reasonably, but you’re the best Mum in this world, Mum.
Did I ever say I’m nothing without you? Honestly saying Mum, I feel something missing in life (I know this sound weird but it’s the truth) whenever I imagine you’re gone.

Did I ever apologize for misbehaving or, anything?

Today I wanna say I’m sorry, Mum for every mistake I’ve made, for misbehaving, for taking you granted, for not sharing everything with you and for every single thing that was wrong. With this apologize I also wanna say I love you no matter how bad I do with you, I will always be by your side whenever you need me and do every possible thing to keep you happy.

Mother Nature’s best creation is MOTHER.

I love you, MUM!