In order to fix the sound or audio problems with your HP computing devices, you must try the below-given methods. For remote assistance, you can call the experts via HP support phone number.

Step 1: Try the Microsoft solution:

The Microsoft fix solution is an inbuilt tool that let you fix most of the troubles with MS devices.

Step 2: perform a sound system reset:

For performing the system sound reset follow the below given steps:

  • Click twice on the Sound icon from the task-bar and then choose Mixer to show the all control option for your sound system.
  • Go to Start menu and select Control panel. Now choose Hardware and Sound and then select Sound
  • Now, from the sound tab, choose the option with the sound icon from Program and then click Test.
  • Make sure the sound is audible through speakers.

Step 3: Check the device volume and mute settings:

Make sure you haven’t turned on the mute option on your device. There are separate sound options for external speakers, so make sure to set a moderate volume settings.

In order to check the volume and mute settings, follow the below given steps:

1. Click twice on the sound icon and then select Mixer. All the sound options should display

2. If you cannot find the sound icon in the task-bar, you need to update the audio drivers. To find audio drivers for your device, go to official

3. Make sure the device’s settings are not set as mute.

4. Drag the sliders to the maximum volume and then the sound again.

For any help and support regarding the process given above, dial HP technical support number and get the instant help from the team of experts that is available 24/7.

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