Chikhloli Dam and Waterfall

The monsoon has hit most of the cities and villages of Maharashtra more than expected this year. In Mumbai and Thane region, we experienced very heavy rains for more than two weeks. As we are nearing end of July, almost all dams near by Mumbai are over flowing. It is time to visit near by waterfalls or dams, enjoy the waterfall, rain and the green beauty of the nature.

In past two years, I along with my family had visited Bhagirath and Kondeshwar waterfalls. This year, we had planned to visit Bhivpuri waterfall at Karjat. But due to last moment changes, we finalised a quick visit to Chikhloli Dam which is located nearby Ambernath and Badlapur railway stations. Both railway stations are close to Kalyan station. It was a quick four hours monsoon trip for us.


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