If you are working on email clients then you might find it common to transfer your data from one email client to another but sometimes it gets difficult for the user. This post will solve such a query which is to export OST to PST without having Outlook.

There are many email clients which are present all over the world. They have become an essential part of the time for the users. It also makes sense to use email clients because they are fast & also provide the best way for the user to send important emails to another user or you can any important document i.e. too can be sent with the help of an email. The migration process looks easy but is not at all easy. 

The process requires good technical knowledge. When the file formats are not the same then it becomes even more difficult to export the files from one email utility to another email client. The email clients are of two types which mean that users can have options to choose from which desktop email utilities are or web-based email utilities. They both functions same but the only difference is that you can view your emails in the desktop email utilities with no internet connection.

This post will throw some light on how to export OST to PST without Outlook. OST files are present in OST & PST files are used in Microsoft Outlook.

Why export OST to PST without Outlook?

MS Outlook is a more famous email client than all email clients which supports OST file format. OST files are the individual files which are prone to corruption & they can be easily copied, edited because OST file formats support the standard file structure which is used in email clients. Using OST files at a professional level is still considered to be risky. OST file format is only useful for home users as then the chances are low that the files would get corrupted.

MS Outlook is the perfect upgrade from OST. The file format which is PST in MS Outlook is much secure than OST file format. You cannot open PST files in any other email client like in the case of OST files which can be opened in several email clients. MS Outlook also works with the MS Exchange Server which has increased the user base of MS Outlook even more.

Now, let us look the ways which can be used to export OST to PST without Outlook?

There is no manual method which will help the user to export OST to PST without installing Outlook. You will need MS Outlook to perform the manual migration. Let us see if there are any ways without Outlook. You can take help of the freeware & third party software for the migration of OST to PST files.


If we compare these two ways than the latter one is much better than the original method. Freeware is simply the software which is available as free to the user. User can download the software & start exporting their files without any delay (if advertisements don’t hinder with your migration process). This is one of the main reason why users do not like freeware because of useless advertisements. Some freeware also contains malware & viruses which can harm the computer & even the files too.

The other method is the third party utility which has all the qualities of the freeware minus all the malware, adware. The third-party OST to PST Converter software will provide customer support for the users. It is a perfect method to export OST to PST without Outlook. The migration of your files would be fast, accurate without any data loss. There are also features which are batch mode, migration of orphan files, you can also export large files, etc.

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