Especially males consider crying as a weakness. Whenever a boy or a man suffers from any problem and he feels there is no solution to their problem, a moment comes when the lava of their suppressed emotions burst. They feel like crying, they want to cry but conscious of their male identity they avoid their emotions to turn into tears. 

They feel if they cry, what people will think about them? What their friends will think about them? They all will consider them as weak personalities. For a boy, it is considered shameful if he cries. But such a false recognition for crying must be changed in society. Crying is not that bad. In fact, crying is very good for health. The answer to how is it good for us is below.

When a person is suffering from anxiety or extreme stress, in that state a person often resort to liquor. He makes himself unconscious for some time to unburden himself. We all know it is not a permanent solution. He does this for some temporary relief. With the passage of time, he becomes addicted to it and his whole life is laid waste. 

But if in such a situation a person resorts to crying than liquor then it is very good for our mental as well as physical health. Crying is an absolutely natural stress reliever. You can also say it is a gift of God to us in the form of natural stress reliever. It will soon make you free of stress and will refresh your mind. You will soon free anew. Whenever you feel like crying, cry, do it. Don’t feel ashamed of it. Remember, it is helping you not to get liquor addicted. It is going to save your money and it is going to treat your stress naturally without any side effects. 

If you still feel ashamed of crying, then there is a suggestion for you not to cry in front of all. Go to the washroom or sit at home alone and then cry. But never stop yourself from crying because it is a tool to help you. If you avoid it, then your mind will soon be destroyed.