Thursday                                                                                                                8:25 am

31 January 2019

As I open my diary to write today's entry, the wind blows over me to create waves in me. I am flowing . Not only does the water in me flow but also the dirt, the chemicals, the metals, the acids, the diseases flow along. I feel nauseous and sick. 

There had been a time when humans used to worship me, call me holy and sacred, drink me and most importantly love and respect me. They do it even today. The only difference is that, the love and respect for has reduced to a large extent. I feel neglected. When humans loved me a lot, they used me, but did not dump all their dirt and rubbish into me. As humans discovered and invented new things, they generated more and more waste, and they had to dump it somewhere, so they chose me.

Why didn't they think that I have an end too, like everything else? They kept on dumping everything they thought was not of their use and now I have become nothing more than sewage and filth. I consist of all that is required to cause epidemics and death. Ironically, humans call me 'Ma Ganga' meaning 'Mother Ganges' which I have not remained. I can sense an approaching end but the least I can do is hope, that soon humans realize that I need them to help me and make me what I had been many years ago.

Alike every living being, I want to live and I think living is a term different from existing.