Whenever we talk to ourselves, we ask us a question that what are we doing on this planet? Are we only here to come and go , to dream, to work ,to commit sins, to practice virtue?

Actually we are here to fulfill a purpose. Most of the people think that it is very beneficial to find our purpose because it can act as a guide or as a north star for your life.

So everybody talks about that north star. We almost waste half of our lives thinking that,but what is exactly the driving force behind it, or let me put it simply ,what is the need to find your purpose?

The necessity to find our purpose does not come from some remote part of the world, the necessity comes from within OURSELF.

So why exactly are we the reason for this? Let me explain, pirates in the past used to navigate using the position of the north star when they were not sure whether they were on the correct track or not.

Therefore our need to find our purpose is because of our inability to believe that we are on the right track on our life.It is because we believe that we can be diverted or distracted easily.It is because somewhere deep inside,in a dark corner of our mind we feel that we are doing something wrong. It is because we feel that we have made wrong decisions.It is because we start doubting our decisions and we start doubting our own self!

I feel that finding our purpose will bind us,it will surely give us a destination and lead us to an already made path which is to be taken, but it will not be able to let us explore our own path.Because if we find our north star we will always be dependent on it for directions,we will never be able to follow our own instincts.Even if we try to follow our instincts, we will always have a doubt on them and will surely check the north star.

So the simplest solution to this problem can be to just dump that compass and follow our own will, and as every path has an end I am sure that every path which we take in life has a destination.Its our perspective how we perceive the destination because beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.

So rather than worrying about the path to destination, lets start enjoying the journey.

Lets start BELIEVING in US and stop being DEPENDENT on the NORTH STAR.

Let's stop running behind the purpose, stop trying to live the purpose,instead live in the making of the purpose.

Let's start living in the present,because when we live in the present ,we can live forever.