You might heed  the news line like

Wars with our neighbours at border

Continuous operations by army in India-Pakistan Border

Demise of a soldier

Each item is one among the news for us.But,the very fact will threaten the dependents of those who were involved in war.Each soldier is replaceable for their official wok.But,Don’t they know they are irreplaceable for the dependents? We as a human being have a tendency not to see the intangibles.

You might not know the support of your parents till they no longer exist

You might also don’t aware the financial support given by the current job until you are fired

You might also don’t aware of the learning your current job given, until you use it in one of circumstances which many don’t know

The list goes on.Similar to that,sacrifices made by the soldiers will not be boastable until it no longer exists.of course there are cons among the soldiers.Just be honest with you and answer it,Are you a pure good person? Just imagine what sort of agony will happen if soldiers went on a strike for the suffering they are undergoing

They don’t have the fundamental rights which you are exercising.

They don’t have the luxurious life which you are enjoying

They don’t eat the tastiest food you are eating during critical times

They have to fight even though they are wounded to defend you

List of sacrifices goes on.If you faced any such situations mentioned below,you might realise that person is GOD

Someway you are being late to your home ‘cause of are in the bus on the way to your home.Your stop has arrived.When you stepped out and see the street.No one is there.You can see some group of person who seems to be intoxicated around the street corner.Even Though your hostel seems to closer in day time,you are thinking it is so longer now.After overcoming your fear with courage,you are walking very fast.But,you are feeling your heartbeat is beating at a faster rate than you think,when you saw someone is stalking you.You seems to be murmuring something.When it was focussed little bit,it seems to be a prayer to GOD to save you from this risk.Suddenly you are feeling relaxed by hearing the siren of the police jeep.You felt relaxed.but,yet you are feeling insecure, police also might harass you.You felt more relaxed when the person stalking you moved out of your way by hearing sirens.

You need BSF to maintain the integrity of state at Indo-Pak border

You need police at local to maintain the law and order

You need the NDRF to rescue you during disaster

You need ITBP to maintain the integrity of state at Indo-China border

You need navy officers to patrol at sea to avoid the intrusion of enemies

Their  role to protect us is irreplaceable.You cannot do anything for them for the sacrifice done by them to protect us.All you can do , being pride about having someone to shed the blood to defend you.

A warm salute to all the soldiers in their different faces with common goal to defend us.

Jai Hind!!!