Continuous & uninterrupted education is better than disturbed & break-in education. One stretch completion of education is far better and fruitful than break-in-start piece-meal education.

Good education – Good governance

Good society – Good life

Be self-reliant – Be self-grow

One will never regain the time once lost

Education – experience – thought process – money – planning & implementation – strategy can provide an opportunity to a person to establish Hubs in the field of – IT, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Education, Industry & Manufacture, Public Sector and Private Sector, Trade and Business, Tourist Center , Agriculture, Movie Industry, Aerospace Manufacturing Units and other Hubs for new start-ups in various fields like Science & Technology, Agriculture, Automobiles, Software Development, Electronics, Mechanical and Aerospace and Industry etc. Also likely Hubs like Hardware Hub, Wood & Furniture Hub, Plastic Industry Hub, Color & Paint Industry Hub, Paper Industry Hub, and Distillery Industry Hub, Training Industry Hub etc.

Education & Literacy is one’s right.  A person’s development & progress depends on his/her education and caliber.  The development & progress will be slow if education of a person is bleak and weak.

The opportunity & luck nocks the door one time in life, at one particular age.  At that time, one has to briskly & swiftly swing into action for settling in life, in a right way acceptable as per law-of-land.

The golden era once gone never returns to regain so easily.

The entire world watches you, but you cannot watch the entire world.

The deeds are important than the words.

One will get respect & honor, if one respects & honor the Constitution & Law.



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