The USB drive is a very known today era. In technology times each and every person have a USB drive to store their data like videos, pictures, documents, etc. It is very easy to carry anywhere. It is small in size. It is a portable storage device. It is compatible with all latest laptop and computer having a USB drive port. The USB drive or Pen Drive is available in different-different size and shape.

Data files and folders stored in a USB drive can be lost, formatted, corrupted, and deleted due to several reasons. There are multiple reasons behind data loss situations. Now, we will discuss few possible reasons.

1. Virus-infected
2. Intentionally or Unintentionally formatted or deleted data
3. Improper ejection of USB drive
4. Human error,
5. Suddenly system Shut Down

Users Queries

"I had stored my all important data in my USB drive. Yesterday I were deleting some useless data. I don’t know when I deleted my wedding videos. Now I am very hopeless. Please tell me is there any way to recover deleted videos from the USB drive.  Because my wedding videos are very important to me. Thanks in advance.”

“I mistakenly shift deleted the USB drive data containing my favorite videos. Actually, this happened while attempting to delete one of the hard drive partitions when the USB drive was attached on my laptop. I accidentally deleted USB drive in some confusion. But, I am tensed about my video files saved in USB drive. I would be grateful for any suitable solution”

These queries are taken from the form website. Now it is clear most of the users suffering from data loss issues. Take these things keeping in mind. we have decided to write this write up on how to recover deleted videos from USB drive.

Point to Remember

When any file is normal deleted or shift deleted from the storage device only access pointers of the file is deleted. Thus, it makes deleted files inaccessible but will be tagged as available space in the system. These data files and folders can be restored with the help of SysTools USB Drive Recovery Software but on one condition that this free space should not be overwritten with some new data until data recovery is performed. If the user saves new data then data recovery is impossible. Users can never recover their data from a USB drive if once data is overwritten.

Recover Deleted Videos From USB Drive By Using Trusted Software

One of the best third-party data recovery software is SysTools software which is capable enough to recover deleted video from the USB drive. It provides scan option to recover deleted, corrupted data from USB drive. Firstly software scan the whole data then preview the deleted data after users can perform few simple steps and get their data back without any hassle.  This recovery software supports to recover all videos formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, M4V, FLV, 3GP, and many more. This utility supports to recover videos from all brands of USB drive such as Sandisk, LG, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and many more. Apart from videos, this application supports to recover photos, multimedia, documents, spreadsheets, PPT, and various other data files. This application effortlessly restore all files formats data such as .pdf, ppt, .pptx, .xls, xlsx, etc. It supports recovery from exFAT, FAT (16, 32) and NTFS partitions.

Beneficial Features of USB Drive Recovery Software

1. Restores deleted, corrupted, lost and formatted data from the USB drive
2. You can sort restored data list on basis of its file name, file type, date of creation and file size
3. The tool provides an advanced search option to find a specific file. By using this user can easily locate the desired file from the recovered data list
4. Compatible with all version of Windows
5. Recover permanently deleted data by pressing a shift+delete button from the USB drive

Four Steps to Recover Deleted Videos From USB Drive

1. Download and install this software on any version of Windows 2. Now, tool provides two data recovery option you can choose any one as per your need 

3. After that, you can preview your all data files and folders 4. In the end click on Save button to store all the recovered data files and folders

You can Also Watch this video and know the How tool Works

Final Verdict

It is complicated to recover permanently deleted videos from USB drive manually, but this is possible if you use SysTools USB drive deleted data recovery Software. This will give you high perfection, as well as provide you relief from all types of data loss issues such as formatted, corrupted, deleted, crashed, etc. Put this software forward when your backup option does not work.