haunted dumas beach

Why the Dumas Beach in India is well-known For Mystical Activities?


If you have ever scrutinized index of “Top 10 Most Haunted Places of India” you might have found haunted stories of the Dumas beach situated in Surat city of Gujarat. Let us figure out more about Dumas. Dumas beach is a very admirable place to hang out in Surat. Dumas is in point of fact a town positioned at the distance of 19km from the city. 

Dumas Beach (Surat): Third Most Haunted Place of India


It has been proposed on the world wide web that as the seashore has been used as a funeral land by Hindus for quite a few years, a lot of spirits dwell in here. If you will take a wander by the length of the beach at night, you may listen to whispers of people talking when there is nobody in reality. In some write-ups, the disappearance of people from the beach is too revealed. And it’s been said that the beach is full of spirits of dead people.

These stories are mesmerizing, therefore people headed to find out the reality. Are stories about Dumas beach on the internet factual? Do people vanish on the beach too? Read further to figure out your queries.

Along the Arabian Sea and about 13 miles southwest of Surat, huddled in the Western Indian state of Gujarat, lies the Dumas Beach. Unambiguously, it is one of the most gorgeous and charming beaches, but amidst all the beauty stays in a paranormal anonymity, which awaits to be explored.

While this apparently mysterious beach in South Gujarat is disreputable for its paranormal activity, another thing it’s well-known for is its black sand. According to tradition, the beach was used as a burial land for Hindus and because of the residues of the people evidently buried here, it is said to produce black sand. In addition, some say that the dead souls of the evil spirits wander the beach at midnight, which credited to the configuration of black sand and made it an eerie spot.

During the day, the Dumas Beach resembles features like any other beach, visited by masses of tourists wandering along the extensive stretch of sand, taking a plunge in the water and comforting under the sun.

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On the other hand, many people state at night, the beach takes on an eerie vibe. Most of the inhabitants say that the spirits walk down on the beach at night. To this day, there have been plentiful accounts of paranormal movements on the beach, where sightseers declare to hear strange noises and voices, and loud laughter. White spirits and moving spheres have been viewed and other bizarre activities have been observed, too. Also, many travelers are known to go misplaced while wandering on the beach at midnight, describe the locals.

Another occurrence described is that dogs in the spot act weirdly around the beach when it goes dark, portraying their uneasiness with verbal cautions, like barking and howling. Whether fact or fiction, dogs here can sense the invisible presences and start barking, which consequently puts people on the lookout, on the beach to stop walking beyond.


The Dumas Beach has been stated as being one of the eeriest places in India. One such event was reported by a group of friends, locals of Surat, who spent a day at the beach. Though they didn’t eyewitness any paranormal action, their photographs recited a very different story – the photos had spirit roam in it. It can be said that there is some kind of pessimistic vibe at night. However, there are some who consider it a simple superstition or myth.

How to reach there

There are a number of ways of arriving at Surat and advance to Dumas Beach. Sightseers can get to Surat via road from Mumbai, which is approx 283 kilometers and takes nearly five hours. Or they can go from Ahmedabad, approximately 263 kilometers and takes around four hours. The journey can also be made from Vadodara, approx 153 kilometers via NH48, or via rail or air – and from Surat city, catch a taxi/cab for Dumas Beach, which is just 18 kilometers away.

Dumas beach is where ghosts meander mercilessly. We are not certain that Dumas is indeed haunted or not but it is for sure a creepy space at night. When you are lonely on the Dumas beach at night, even howling of dogs can shit scare you!