Why is it that we still miss the one we promised to let go? Why can’t we let go of all the feelings for that one person? Why is it so difficult to let go of that one person whom u fell for at the first sight itself? Why does it become so difficult to forget all when u stop talking to that one person? 

Maybe it’s because that our heart knows that somewhere we have actually not been able to let go of all that we had. All feelings don’t vanish in a blink of an eye , it takes time that’s what all say. But none say that the definition of time, here is not defined. Even after months when u feel the same pain in ur heart for not hearing his voice, u understand that it’s not gone yet, and u don’t know when will it go away from ur heart. Gradually with time the only thing u learn is to act more realistically and make others and urself believe that u have actually let him go and that now u feel nothing. But as soon as something unusual happens in ur life the first one to come up in ur mind is his name , and when u pick up ur phone with great excitement to text him, all the things lay back in front of u, of how he told u to move on, of how everyone told u to just let go, and u stop ur hands and don’t text him and keep ur phone down and ur happiness with urself. 

And we live in a society where a girl is the one who is supposed to keep shut and keep her feelings bottled up, so hey girl out there just keep going as u are, because one day definitely u will melt down in arms of ur husband and tell him abt it all and he will make sure u get all the love u deserve in this universe.