Life skills are the abilities and behaviours that help everybody effectively with events and challenges of everyday life .Life skills are needed happy ,systematic life and processing emotions . Life skills are the skills that everybody needs to learn . Adults and children both have to learn these skills as it is rightly said ‘never stop learning as life never stop teaching ‘. Some of the life skills are decision-making , problem-solving , empathy , self –awareness , listening and communicational skills etc. These skills help in one or the other way . These skills are an important part of our life .They are one of the steps to ladder to success .
Every body should be taught the skills of decision making  ,which is one of the most important life skills for a person in a life . Decision making skills also leads to good leadership skills. This skill is effective for management and leadership. One should also be taught communication skill . Good verbal and communication skills are essential to get success in interviews and various competition . Not only in competitions communicational skills are also required in society in daily life as it gains respect . One should be observant . Everyone should learn the skill of observation . This helps to know about our surroundings . It helps to gather information . Ne should also learn to listen As listening skills allow one to make sense of and understand what another person is saying .As it is said that when we speak we speak that only what we know but if we listen we learn something new.  One should be taught to be empathetic . It see things from another perspective and sympathize with another's emotions and plays an important role in social lives.One should be taught to be positive , caring ,sharing and many other skills so that everyone’s life would be systematic and successful .