Nobody enjoys food like a Gujarati. Gujaratis enjoy & relish food as much as they enjoy life. They eat to live well and to lead a quality life. They live a life like nobody lives because they eat well. Age is just a number for them. In other words, although they age numerically, they stay young & energetic physically and mentally.

Their entire approach towards food is based on Ayurveda philosophy and Hindu scriptures. Hindu philosophy and Upanishads stress the following : "Do not eat alone ; say grace (prayers) to the dining table ; thank nature & God almighty for providing you food ; share your food with others ; eat food that is of sattvik guna ; do not waste or insult food". I know many gujaratis who follow strictly the above norms.

Interestingly Gujaratis end their meals always with a sweet dish which is to say  "All is well that ends sweetly and all that ends sweetly ends well".

Not surprisingly it is this gujarati food that has produced or given to the nation 3 esteemed sons of the soil namely Mahatma Gandhi/Bapu (Man of the millennium), Sardar Vallabhai Patel/Iron man (Man of the century) and Narendra Modi/our honourable PM (Man of future India) !

I grew up eating gujarati food along with South-Indian food and let me tell you that the taste of gujarati food still lingers in my mouth even after dozen years of my separation from Gujarat soil and its divine food !  

Based on my own memories, I give below the list of some of the famous gujarati gastromical delights or delicacies (by the way let me assure you that i am not a food scientist nor a researcher and definitely not a food loyalist).

☆ Categorised solo treats (hot)

● thikka poori ; farsi poori ; besan poori ; kaju poori ; badam poori
● khakhra ; methi-na-tepla ; bhaakri ; bajra-na-rotla ; debra ; misri roti ; jowar roti
● sev usal ; oondhiya ; hola
● dokla ; khaman ; paatra ; kaandvi ; fulwadi ; bakarwadi ; kachori ; aandva ; sabudana vada
● mota gaatiya ; jeena gaatiya ; thikka gaatiya ; nylon gaatiya
● faraali chevdo ; faraali samosa ; faraali kachori ; faraali bataka vada
● methi-na-gota ; dal vada ; fafda fafdi ; masala-aakha-aloo ; papdi

☆ Categorised solo treats (sweets)

● white elaichi penda ; yellow kesar penda ; chocolate penda ; ghaari ; sukhdi ; coconut barfi ; kaju katri ; montaal ; adadhyu ; laapsi
● choorma-na-laddoo ; boondi-na- laddoo ; moti choor ; til laddoo ; mamra-na-ladva ; shing pak ; jalebi ; gogra ; til pak
● shrikhand (varieties) ; matto (different types) ; doodh pak ; badam kheer ; semiya kheer

☆ Combo foods & edible pair :

● rotla - hola ; bhaakri - doodh ; tepla - dahi ; phulka - sev usal
● poori-shrikhand ; poori - aam ras ; poori - oondhiyu ; misri roti - gud
● khichidi - khadi ; daal - dokli
● doodh - poha ; dahi - poori ;
dahi - kachori ; fafda - khadi ; masala aloo - finger rolls ; thikka gaatiya - imli paani ; gota - khadi ; jalebi - garam doodh

☆ Male & Female versions (M - F)

● fafda - fafdi
● mota gaatiya - jeena gaatiya
● thikka gaatiya - nylon gaatiya
● rotla - rotli
● bhaakri - phulka
● debra - tepla
● dokla - khaman

👍 Food for thought : I am sure that i have got the names right. I am also confident that my memories of yester-years have not betrayed me. I find it amazing that i could recall all the names in just 10-15 minutes. Anyway i am pretty certain that all those who are fond/crazy of good vegetarian food will be tempted to visit Gujarat sooner or later after reading the above list. At the end i can only say : "wah shoo vaat che, khoobaj maja aavi gayu" !