Are you looking for a solution that opens your DOCX file in the absence of MS Word? Do you want an instant solution to read the DOCX file? If your answer is Yes, you have reached the right place. This how-to guide helps users to open DOCX file without Word for all Windows machines. It also explains the simple procedure to open multiple DOCX files without Microsoft Word. With the recommended solution, the user can even open large DOCX files without an Office. Then let's get started.

Save Time on Opening Multiple DOCX files without MS Word

One of the famous solution to open & read DOCX files without Word is DOCX file Viewer. It is free of cost solution that allows users to view DOCX file data without any program. It is designed for all the available platforms of Windows. One can open all the components from DOCX files such as text, image, layout and more. The software provides the instant preview of DOCX files with complete information. It provides the best user experience with a consistent and intuitive interface. Now, let’s take a look at the working of the DOCX file opener.

Follow the Easy Steps to Open DOCX file without Word 

This step-by-step guide helps users to open and read all the DOCX file irrespective of size. Accomplish the process without MS Word installation on your machine.

1. Download the DOCX Opener utility on Windows machine.

2. Install and run the tool and go to the File menu 

3. select Open to browse DOCX files.

4. Click on the DOCX file to get the complete preview with accuracy.

You’re done. Yes, it’s that much simple to open and read DOCX file without MS Word installed on your machine. The utility provides the preview of DOCX data in a large-sized preview panel so that the user gets the best experience.

Read Some Notable Features of the DOCX file Opener Tool

1. It comes with no limitations and capable to open unlimited DOCX files.

2. Helps to open DOCX files without Word 2007, 2003, 2002, XP, and more.

3. One can also read the content of DOCX file with all the components.

4. The utility is capable to open a Corrupt DOCX file with total precision.

5. Support DOCX file of different sizes and provide a complete preview.

6. The user can view the original formatting a layout form the DOCX file.

7DOCX opener is an independent, reliable and efficient solution.

8. The product maintains data integrity throughout the process.

9. It is capable to open a bulk number of DOCX files without MS Word.

10. Supports the available editions of MS Windows to read DOCX files.

Open & Read DOCX file data without MS Word at Once

The solution DOCX file Opener is designed with the latest algorithm and least technicalities. All types of users can access the utility to open DOCX files without Word. It is a simple, easy and quick solution that works for all Windows platforms. One can open multiple DOCX files and check the preview of all the information. It is a great utility for opening DOCX file data without MS Word.

Some Frequently Asked Users Queries:

1. How do I open DOCX files without Word?

Ans. Opening DOCX files without Word is a simple process with DOCX Viewer. Follow the simple steps.

  • Run the DOCX file opener on the Windows machine.
  • Click on the File menu and select open to load .docx files.
  • Select DOCX email and check complete preview in the interface.

2. Can I open and edit the DOCX file without Word on Windows 7?

Ans. The DOCX file opener utility is capable to view & read DOCX files on Windows 7. But, one cannot edit the DOCX file with the solution.

3. Is it possible to open DOCX files without Microsoft Word?

Ans. Yes, the tool is capable to open and read DOCX file without MS Word.

The Closing Word

The above write-up explains the simplest solution to open DOCX file without Word. DOCX file opener is an easy-to-use program that opens & reads multiple DOCX files. The utility is capable to view DOCX file without any file size limitations. One will get the full preview of multiple DOCX files with all the components. All-in-all it is the best software to open bulk DOCX files without the installation of MS Word.