How to be a successful writer?

Be the writer first; success shall follow. 

Q) Who can be a writer? 

If you can write, you are a writer.

Q) How well do i write? 

No body will know, till the time you let people read your works. You have dared to write and offer a new idea to the world, that itself is the most beautiful act.

Q) What if nobody reads? What difference does it makes. Previously, when your work was getting suffocated in your small diary in some shabby corner of your house, nobody read it. Still if nobody reads it, there is nothing lost.

Q) When do i start writing? 

Now my friend now. Time is running out, life is too short to be wasted in thinking about unknown. A page a day keeps the doctor away. 

And always remember, if you are reading this blog and plan to write, do it without any doubts and inhibitions. You have been blessed by the almighty with the power of thinking and strength in expressing. Do not let it go for waste.


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