A salute to all the saviours out there! To all the people who are praising our soldiers, I would like to question , do you think their duty, their valour, and their sacrifices are doing any good to the soul of our country?


Of course they make our country a better place. The country feels engrossing with a big boundary line guided by valiant men and women. But what happens when you peep inside the curtain?


Kashmir is being radicalized making brothers enemies of their own blood.  The reserved instead of the deserved get the right to live a life of equality. Governments change, statues change, faces change, but corruption and problems remain the same. Government changes and farmers get loan waived. This fills the vote box simultaneous with the filling of the debt boxes of the country. People want benefits based on caste but don’t want caste discrimination. Unemployment increases, not because there are no jobs but because now the unemployed will be given salaries for work which they have never done. Fake news has become the tallest mountain between people and reality. People have become a crazy mob demanding war with Pakistan thrusted by an equally crazy media irrespective of the lives and after effects on their own brothers, their own Indians. People have become more of a Hindu-muslim, more of a particular caste, more of a low income society than an Indian, and they need attacks like Pulwama and Uri to trigger nationalism. The political parties which are quoted as essentials of democracy are introducing a new system where they work for their families, take steps against other government instead of in favour of public, make parliament a shoe fight stadium, shout abusive words at each other while calling India the mother of morality.


So do you think that just by guiding the exteriors of the country you can strengthen it?


Of course,we need surgical and air strikes, but can't we also have an internal  revolution?


Why can’t we create an army of guides, an army of people who guard the country internally, an army of people who instill patriotism even if there are no terrorist attacks, an army of civil soldiers!


In my opinion civil soldiers is a revolution which our country needs today more than an industrial revolution or a climate revolution or an ache din revolution. Because until we unite as Indians, we won’t be able to form an INDIA.