Reading someone mind is not easy

But when u understand someone

Its really not tough to read it...

Its easy to say that you love someone

But difficult to prove it that you really do.

When you truely fall for someone you just wanted to know

What they feel for you,what they want to hear from you,what is your importance in their life. Nowadays how much they call or message you i guess every small things..

But you never try to read their mind.

Reading their mind means reading their soul.Once when you start reading their soul everything gets easier.

"By reading their soul" i mean- what they actually are! What level of perception he/she is having towards life! What is their objective towards life! What kind of things they like! What are their dislikes! 

We think that once we fall in love with someone we should know everything about them.Their should be numerous of texts and calls.Their should be no privacy factor. Actually they should share everything with us without any hesitation.

Is this a right thought??? 

 Did you made her so comfortable that he/she will confront everything to you directly...???

So, before saying that you love someone. Try to create a deep connection which make them confess everything to you without any hesitation.😊