All of us might have enjoyed this song in our childhood, mother caressing hair and singing Lori to make us sleep. 

Great were those days, to tension, no stress of any kind, we were safe in hands of parents.

The other day I was sitting on my lawn, watching a sparrow feeding her child, the child was very small and I could clearly see the joy the child was having while sparrow was feeding. While I was watching this scene all of a sudden a question came to my mind—

Will this child remember his mother after he is able to fly?

Ans is very simple once the child sparrow gains health and is able to fly, he will fly leaving mother behind and—

Yehi zindgi ka dastoor hai

The same applies to many of us

Another question came to my mind


We claim to be civilized but actually, we are not civilized.

Had we been civilized was there any need for old age homes?

Why we felt the need of old age homes?

The reason is very simple we have gained education but we have not cultivated sanskars which are the backbone of any civilized family, society, and nation.

In past we were having a joint family where the head of the family was in command of the family and command gets shifted automatically to next senior person after the death of command holder

We do not have this system nowadays hence families are breaking and leading to old age homes/ help age /help in suffering etc etc

The main reason which comes to my mind is perhaps we do not have tolerance power –

I have witnessed many cases of divorce which could have been avoided had one partner showed some signs of tolerance and other partner respected that tolerance but that did not happen because we are civilized and know our rights and do not want to bow our heads.

We have forgotten with how many troubles our parents have brought up, gave us education and made us what we are today.

The irony is parents bring up children but when parents are old all children together can’t take care of parents.

Recently I watched BAGHWAN movie a very well made movie. I think all of us might have seen that movie I need not go in details but that question still haunts me

Are we civilized? If we are--

We have to pay back the debt which we are carrying on our heads, of the love and affection which we enjoyed in our childhood—

Dheere se aa ja ri akhian me nindia aa ja tu aa jaa