Must springtime fade?
then cry all birds . . .
and fishes
Cold pale eyes pour tears

When we feel separation from the existence, the pain of separation save us from all the afflictions.

The sadness of separating from you (Existence), Has saved me from all other afflictions. None dares to approach me now.

In time, only one memory will remain - that of the divine. Only the fire of separation from the divine remains. The thousand afflictions you have known disappear, leaving just this one. All afflictions - of wealth, of position, of prestige, of this and that - they all leave you and only one problem remains. And there is no way you can escape from this one problem.

Now you wait for the divine to come, for the beloved to come. The fire is so intense that you want it to rain, you want his raincloud to come and cool you. The flame of the anguish of separation is born in my heart.

There is only one desire, one longing left - I long to see you, I yearn to see you. The whole search has moved to his eyes; everything in him becomes a waiting. The whole energy of the devotee turns into prayer and waiting.

The eyes of the devotee are completely focused. His whole energy moves slowly to his eyes. And the day that your whole energy becomes the eyes, the ultimate happens in that very moment.