Converting MBOX Files to PDF is an easy task. Especially if you have the associated email clients installed and configured on your system. Multiple email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mail, etc provide some sort of built-in option to save MBOX emails as PDF files. Even if it only prints one email message at a time, it is effectively a working solution.

However, if you possess an orphan MBOX file, then the whole scenario tilts on its head. And the only way to carry out such MBOX conversion is to use a professional program. In fact, this approach is the recommended one even in case you have configured email clients. Because you get custom options to carry out MBOX to PDF conversion as per your liking.

How to convert MBOX files to PDF on a Windows PC?

Whenever a scenario involving email conversion comes to mind, the first and foremost solution people look for is a manual approach. And for the sake of fairness, I would include some of the manual methods here as well. However, keep in mind that these solutions do not apply to orphan MBOX files.

If you are a Thunderbird user:

  1.  Download the ImportExportTools ad-on if you don’t have it already.
  2.  Now, select the emails that you wish to convert to PDF.
  3.  Right-click on one of them and select Save Selected Messages >> PDF format.
  4.  Thunderbird will save all the emails as PDF.

Note: This method does not save the attachments of the email messages. Only emails will be saved without any sort of customization.

If you are an Opera Mail user:

  1.  Select a message that you wish to export to PDF.
  2.  Hit Ctrl+P key. Mark the checkbox corresponding to Print to file.
  3.  Click on Print button. Select the file name and location to save the file.

Note: There is no way to save Opera MBS emails in bulk manually. This is the only way to do so. Additionally, attachments are not embedded with the PDF files.

Bulk MBOX to PDF Conversion Irrespective of MBOX origin

Use SysTools MBOX Converter that is both quick and accurate to convert MBOX files into PDF format. It will embed your attachments to the PDF documents and offers both selective and bulk conversion. 

Additionally, you can also customize the whole procedure with 4 different options:

  •  Page Orientation: Select between landscape and portrait mode.
  •  Page Size: Select from 23 different modes such as letter, envelope, A4, etc.
  •  Page Margin: Set the margins for top, bottom, left and right page section.
  •  Naming Convention: Save the files as per desired parameters.
  •  Selective Emails Export: Mark the emails to export and save only those emails as PDF.
  •  Include MIME header: include the complete internet header on each PDF page.

How to convert MBOX files to PDF on a Mac system?

Similar to the Windows machine, we will start with some manual solutions first (that do not work for orphan MBOX files).

If you use Apple Mail:

  1.  Double-click on the message that you wish to convert to PDF.
  2.  Click on File >> Export as PDF.
  3.  Choose the location to save the file and hit Save button.

Note: This method only save one message as PDF file at a time.

If you use Entourage:

  1.  Click on Edit > Select All.
  2.  Now, click on File > Print.
  3.  Click on PDF drop-down menu and select Save as PDF.
  4.  Set the location to save MBOX to PDF and click on the Save button.

Note: Time consuming and not feasible or bulk conversion. This method also do not save your attachments along with the emails.

Bulk MBOX to PDF Conversion on Mac Irrespective of MBOX origin

Be it an MBOX file associated with an email client or an orphan MBOX file, with SysTools Mac MBOX Converter, you can convert just about anything from the MBOX files to PDF documents with your Attachments intact. 

Additionally, you also get the following benefits while converting MBOX emails to PDF files:

  • Naming Convention: Save files in an ordered way with preferred names.
  • Date Filter: Select emails falling in a date-range to export.
  • Page Margin: Set margins for top, bottom, left, right page sides.
  • Page Orientation: Save pages in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Page Size: Set the size of the Page such as A3, A4, letter, etc.
  • Bates/Page Number: Print page numbers of required format on all PDF pages.
  • Date Stamp: Set and print date stamps on all PDF documents.


This concludes the article on how to convert MBOX files to PDF documents. Solutions for both Mac and Windows machines are included in the article. You may choose the methods as per your requirements. If you face any issue in any part, do not hesitate to comment.