Docter's in India are creamy layre of society  by virtue of their intelligence, IQ level, being meritorious students and toppers but ironically their value is unrecognised and hence not paid handsomely. In private hospitals their salary ranges from Rs25000 to Rs70000 (if more than 4 years of service). In Govt hospital their pay scale is less than Lecture, professor, kAS officer and even Senior  clerks of Govt departments  In top most Hospitals like Apollo, Max, Fortis considering their Top degree like MD,DM  their salary is not handsome or sufficient for happy living .Sometimes they are forced to perform unethical business like uncessary tests or false operations for achieving business target and for their retention, incentives and promotions. Doctors have enough work load than Lecturers, professors etc even than they are paid less salary. Lecturers and professers have 2 to 3 hrs workload and for rest of the time they are supposed to do research work, but unfortunately they are reported to be enjoying facebook, wattsapp and gossiping. Govt needs to give serious thought to this otherwise meritorious student will not prefer  medical profession resulting in incompetence in Medical health deptts.