AWS free digital training is designed to let you learn at your own pace. It provides access to on-demand digital courses like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Big Data Technical Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, and Job Roles in the Cloud. You can also explore new training to learn about Machine Learning and Storage.

Developing on AWS helps developers understand how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. The course which AWS Training in Pune Technogeeks offers provides in-depth knowledge about how to interact with AWS using code, covers key concepts, troubleshooting tips and best practices.

These are some database product which Amazon web services is offering

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon ElastiCache
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon Neptune
  • AWS Database Migration Service

Amazon DynamoDB provides a scalable, low-latency NoSQL online Database Service backed by SSDs.

Amazon ElastiCache provides in-memory caching for web applications.This is Amazon's implementation of Memcached and Redis.

Amazon Neptune provides a full-managed graph database service. It supports open graph APIs for both Gremlin and SPARQL.

Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) provides scalable database servers with MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL support.

Amazon Redshift provides petabyte-scale data warehousing with column-based storage and multi-node compute.

Amazon SimpleDB allows developers to run queries on structured data. It operates in concert with EC2 and S3.

AWS Data Pipeline provides reliable service for data transfer between different AWS compute and storage services (e.g., Amazon S3, Amazon RDS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon EMR). In other hand, this service is simply a data-driven workload management system, which provides a management API for managing and monitoring of data-driven workloads in cloud applications.

Amazon Aurora provides a MySQL-compatible relational database engine that has been created specifically for the AWS infrastructure that claims faster speeds and lower costs that are realized in larger databases.

There are three Tracks in Amazon Web Services and three levels of certification in Amazon Web Services.

Three tracks in Amazon Web Services are:-

  1. Development
  2. Solution architect
  3. Sysops

Three levels of certifications in Amazon Web Services are:-

  1. Associate level
  2. Professional level
  3. Speciality level

In Cloud Computing Technogeeks offers AWS Classes in Pune, AWS (Amazon web services) with Ansible tool some parts of Google cloud and Microsoft azure will be covered in that program and other components like S3, EC2, IAM, EBS with live projects and class assignments. All the trainers are AWS certified, Flexibility of batches both weekdays and weekends. Certification assistance also Technogeeks will provide in the way of practice exams and dumbs.