This tournament is a prolifically organised tournament for the visually impaired quizzers from all across
the globe that takes place in gap of every 4 year in the capital of England that is known amongst all as the
royal city of London.
First organised back in 1951, it has expanded it's reach and has become a key source for those who wish
to be part of it and can become grand people by participating in such a historic tournament that has it's
own follower, unique cultural essence and impressive track record with best teams competing from all
over the world.
Generally it has 10 separate groups in which 8 teams are consisted in each group and in all of them 80
teams come together to participate as 80 countries that makes it a grand tournament in it's royal approach
for we the VI community.
Since it's beginning back in 1951, the tournament has taken great leaps and its well-frame and organised
by Royal Commonwealth committee for the Blind, RNIB and other institutes in their virtual approach that
ultimately makes it a remarkable tournament the way they take things to right direction and make it's
success commendable.
Although without dout International Quiz federation has it's own role to play in organising such a
competitive tournament, credits can't be taken away also from quiz federations of all 80 countries who
show their trust and make this tournament a grand one, only bigger second to Quiz world cup, and shows
how great this royal tournament has been for the VI people.
In this way organisations are many who are behind the scene and also BBC networks Community channel
covers the tournament, like it does the Quiz world cup, thence the way things span out and authorities
arrange great platforms both for stay and hospitality, and all are helpful that makes it a great one.
As far the legacy of being champion to such a grand tournament is concerned, the home country have
taste of winning it twice and besides England, Belgium, Norway, Spain and Austria have also been the
champion of the tournament in past having those fond memories for themselves.
Besides in context of the American legacy countries like Mexico, Canada and Nicaragua have cherished
the joy of making through for the cup and winning it on certain times making it a cracking one.
Further in context of Asia, countries like Combodia, Uzbekistan and China has been part of the glory of
such a tournament and their visually impaired people have done great to make through and be victorious
in the tournament.
Though India hasn't have the chance yet to be victorius in such a grand tournament and in 2019 in
leadership of champion Mr. saurabh Pant from nainital with a very strong team lineup, they may wish to
fulfil their will to win this tournament making the mark.

In context of the process of the tournament, there are certain rounds by which the challenging teams have
to go through and as the days go by team count starts to thin and some of the best remain to combat the
best moment to cherish.
In the 1st round, there are two days to follow in which both days the competing teams have to be with the
braile round and both days have 4 rounds in total with 2 braille rounds particularly on the go by which on
the basis of the answers given teams who come last have to go home packing their bags.
Once the braille rounds are over, the typing round on computer through screen readers like JAWS or
Supernova begins and there in process of 1 day two segments of typing round come by in which the
lowest scoring teams once again have to leave back for the home.
Ultimately the knock out round starts through mike round on stage in which best team face each other and
after quarters, Semis and, at last through finals the decision of the winner is announced which is
Thus by such measures in step by step process the whole tournament goes on and it's 5 day hectic
schedule makes it a great memory to cherish specially for those who become the ultimate winners.
There are also certain fields which a quizzer participating in such grand tournament has to prepare and
they come in different patterns according to the stage.
The 1st day covers 'International relations' in which topics like Current Affairs, Global Issues, native
histories, European-Asian relations and many other are basically covered.
On day 2 the issues related to Environment come to face in which topics like European commitments,
European chemicals, subsidiary alliances, Europe-Arctic tendencies and gglobal formulas are covered.
On day 3 things become more tight and topics related to 'Sports' are covered in which Cricket, Football,
Outdoor games, Olympics, Commonwealth and others are covered.
And lastly in the knock out stage, spontaneous response matters more than anything where any field can
come to hit the target and best tteams with most prolific speed comes to act to have success.
Ultimately it is a tournament to watch out and as International sport-interested people may be busy
watching the Cricket world cup that is on progress, there is some nice chance for them to also enjoy our
quiz tournament who's fixtures are not going to clash after great commitments by the International quiz
fedeeration and the Royal Commonwealth Committee and it is a great way to enjoy them along.
As an Indian, I can insure that it will be going to be a cracker in all ways where around 80 countries will
display their great community tallent and it is also to explore how we the visually impaired people get
together, enjoy such academic sport-festivals and make them great.
Though I am not going to promise whether our certain team will win or that certain team will be on top,
One thing I can promise from all the UK quiz loving people that you will get complete entertainment.

And I hope that you will all come in huge numbers supporting your legeandary quiz tournament also to
make it a great one...