Secrets of Ganga

The Ganges, the river of India, which captivates India’s heart. The tale of the Ganges, from her starting place to the sea, from earlier times to new, is the legend of India’s culture and customs, of the ascend and descend of territories, of huge and proud cities, of explorations of man. River Ganga with its origin in the grand Himalayan mountains is believed to be the most blessed river by Hindus. The waters of Ganga is supposed to be self-purifying in life and it is said that just one dip in the waters of this divine river will cleanse away all the sins of a person!

The last means of the thousands of Hindus are executed at the various ghats along the seashores of Ganga at the sacred sites like Kashi, Varanasi etc. Many of the human bodies are dispatched to this divine river. And yet there is no symbol of communicable diseases distribution from person to person. It is 2525 kilometers long, which has been the helping hand of the complete stretch of the Ganga-Yamuna plains, with over 300 million dependents nowadays. What is the secret behind its water?

Ganga Jal – Also known as the divine water of Ganga

Antibacterial Nature of Ganges Water

In 1896, E. Hanbury Hankin was testing the Ganga water, he wrote in a paper printed in the French journal Annales de IInstitut Pasteur, the bacterium Vibrio Cholerae which grounds the fatal illness, Cholera, when put into the waters of Ganga perished within three hours! While the same bacteria persisted to boom in distilled water even after 48 hours!

Water of Ganges has Anti-putrefaction characterstics

C.E. Nelson, perceived that the waters of Ganga even when obtained from its contaminated mouths at Hooghly, stayed clean all the way through the journey! In general, river water begins to decompose over a period of time due to deficiency of oxygen which encourages the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which in turn gives ascend to the odor of decayed water.

How River Ganga cleans the dead bodies?

In 1927, Flix dHerelle, a French microbiologist, was astonished when he saw that just a few feet underneath the torso of people hovering in the Ganga who had passed away of dysentery and cholera, where anyone would look forward to millions of germs, but there were no germs at all!

Recent Research on the Ganges

D.S. Bhargava, an Indian environmental engineer of hydrology has consumed a lifetime studying the astonishing properties of Ganges. He computed the extraordinary self-purification skill of the Ganges in a comprehensive three-year study which demonstrated that the Ganges is capable to diminish its biochemical oxygen requirement intensity much quicker than other rivers! 

Mysterious supremacy of Ganga Water

There are two main aspects which give the Ganges its exceptional ability.

1. The occurrence of Bacteriophages which gives it the anti-bacterial nature.

2. An anonymous factor called the Mystery Factor, which gives this river a remarkable ability to hold on to dissolved oxygen from the atmosphere!