As you all know Congress is the oldest party in India and is often credited for Independence of India and Congress calls itself Party of patriots but I think it otherwise . Congress has openly supported to Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar and all students of JNU who shouted slogans like Pakistan Zindabad , Bharat Tere Tukde honge etc. , they also supported people pelting stones at Army officials in Kashmir , CM of Karnataka ( Congress member ) cleaned his mouth with National Flag of India , From praising terrorists to calling Hindus as terrorists, the Congress had done all the tasks to divide India whenever they get a chance . This fresh case of anti-national activity has been reported from Rajasthan where the Congress partymen are seen sitting on their chair when the national anthem was sung. Now this is really unacceptable but sadly this is common in Congress party and Congress President Rahul Gandhi openly insulted national song Vande Mataram  . These acts didn't seem to me like the act of patriots  . You all should decide whether congress party is a party of patriots or traitors .