I was in a serious relationship with my husband for 8 long years before I had married him. After marriage as usual I too had been adjusting with my in laws and to the new culture and traditions.  I was tested for my patience and understanding very often. Five years down the line I had been struggling to manage two kids, one husband, in laws, a job.

All hell broke loose when one casual heated argument ended up in those words “ you can leave my home, your no longer needed here”. It felt that my world had crashed minutely. The conversation was between me and his mother. He was nowhere required to dictate the verdict. My husband did not bother to check if it was me or his mother who was at fault. Rather all the punishment had to be bore by me.

Though I was shaken, but I knew I was strong enough not to respond negatively. I did my usual task and spent the day in silence. Being the only daughter I wont be happily welcomed at my home and would never be questioned for. But when I sat down to reflect, I recalled my mother’s advice. She would often say, after a baby its not you or your husband who is important, Its your kids that have to valued. They do not deserve to pay for your mutual conflicts.

So always remember if your husband is a good father for your baby, if Yes then let him give few chances. After a marriage, a women has to adjust herself to various roles, similarly he has to move out of the clutches of his parents and has to realise his parents mistakes and flaws and this is a gradual process. Just because your his wife it does not mean that your always right or his parents are wrong and vice versa.

A marriage requires patience as a strong virtue. You have to believe that nothing is permanent and changes are bound to happen, sooner or later. You have to learn that if your husband is not good enough to maintain stability in your relationship and because of this your relationship is failing, this is time you have to take the command. Making him appear wrong would only spoil your picture. Instead work as team, substitute for each others mistake and remember, when he loses , you too become a loser !