Now a days plastic pollution is a big problem for the environment. That's why Indians are trying to use biodegradable substances and using of plastic is strictly banned in many states of India. Being in a country of highest youth number, one question may arise..are condoms biodegradable?  Because it can't be  reused. Sad to say the answer is no.. condoms are made up of the following materials...
1. Latex condoms: it is made up of a natural rubber like plant product. You are thinking that it must be biodegradable. But sorry to say it is a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. That's why it is not biodegradable. But it can be biodegradable after thousands of years in right conditions.
2. Polyurethane condoms : made up of a synthetic plastic. So non biodegradable.
3. Polyisoprene condoms: made up of a synthetic latex. So non biodegradable.
4. Nitrile condoms: it is a female condom made up of synthetic latex, that's why again no biodegradable.
5.lambskin condoms: it is made up of natural material like sheep it is biodegradable. But it can't give protection from STDs.
Condoms are actually  not good for the environment, despite the fact that it’s a disposal product, because condoms contribute to population control. As humans are the number one threat to environment, preventing unplanned pregnancies is definitely environmentally friendly.