Job seekers are faced with one daunting question every time they begin to seek new job opportunities or search for work, “What do I want to do?” For many, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as it might seem. Plenty of people stick to one industry throughout the duration of their career, while others are passionate about exploring their options and spreading their wings. If you’re passionate about spreading your wings and exploring new opportunities, then you should consider a healthcare career.

The healthcare industry is currently facing one of the biggest talent deficits in recent memory, and the gap only appears to be growing. Individuals who are passionate about helping others will find no better opportunity to pursue that passion than the healthcare industry. But that’s not all that the healthcare industry offers. For those job seekers who are looking for a bit more in their next career opportunity, we’ll break down why you should consider the healthcare industry as your next career destination. 

1. Earning Potential and Additional Compensation

One of the biggest things people focus on when evaluating potential career options is the amount of money they can earn. While it shouldn’t be the only thing that decides what your future career looks like, it should certainly play a role in the decision-making process. As we mentioned earlier, the demand for qualified professionals in the healthcare industry has been steadily increasing over time. With an increase in demand, healthcare employers and organizations are willing to pay more for qualified talent. 

This means those job seekers who pursue opportunities in the healthcare industry can earn more than comparable roles in other industries. The healthcare industry is considered one of the most lucrative industries in terms of employee earnings each year. In other industries, you have to wait years to earn promotions and eventually increase your salary. In the healthcare industry, new positions are readily available because of the rapid growth that the industry is experiencing. The great thing is that the exceptional earning potential isn’t just a handful of positions, the wage growth is seen across the board for nearly every position.

2. Career Stability

If the recent economic downturns over the last decade have taught us anything, it’s that we should seek positions that provide us with some career stability. So that when things start to slow down, we don’t always have to worry about whether or not we’re going to wake up and have a job the next morning. The good news is that the healthcare industry is one of the least volatile industries due to the fact that everybody needs healthcare at some point in their lives. 

With the aging baby boomer population and the increasing world population, the healthcare industry has never seen growth like it is currently experiencing. To back this up, the healthcare industry is expected to grow by nearly 12 million jobs over the next decade. The healthcare industry needs new talent to help provide care and assistance to the baby boomer population as they slowly fade out of the workforce and seek healthcare. Compared to other industries that see cyclical trends or experience downturns when the economy slows down, the healthcare industry is stable. If you’re seeking stability in your career, then you should consider a career in an industry that rarely sees layoffs. 

3. Positions For Everyone

Another reason why job seekers should consider a career in the healthcare industry is the reality that there are positions for individuals of every background and education level. Compared to other industries that might have a bunch of entry barriers based on previous experience or education level, the healthcare industry provides an opportunity for everyone who is interested in starting their career or considering a transition from their current role.

There are plenty of fantastic roles and careers that exist within the healthcare industry that you can explore. You’re not relegated to certain healthcare jobs or roles, you can explore your options and pursue opportunities that you’re interested in. Many people assume that they will have to directly interact with patients or provide care for others if they decide to pursue a career in the healthcare industry, the reality is that it just isn’t true. There are plenty of roles that individuals can pursue that don’t directly involve directly interacting with or working with patients. 

As an example, there are roles that range from working as an administrative assistant to a programmer. As an example, you can help provide a little structure to someone’s day regarding their medical procedures as an administrative assistant, or develop some cutting edge software as a programmer that helps improve healthcare efficiencies as a programmer. This broad range of career opportunities means that there is a potential role for everyone who is potentially interested in working in the healthcare industry. 

Another great thing about working in the healthcare industry means that you can come from every background or degree. There are roles for individuals who don’t have degrees or have degrees in unrelated fields. Other industries typically require that candidates have specific degrees or relevant work experience. 

4. Ability To Impact Others

Another reason job seekers should consider a career in the healthcare industry is the ability to make a difference. There are plenty of different careers that offer a chance to impact others and make a difference, but there are few industries that offer as many chances as the healthcare industry. Working in the healthcare industry means that you have an opportunity to truly make a difference every single day. 

If you enjoy helping others and having an impact on someone’s life no matter how small, then you should seriously consider healthcare careers in your job search. If you’re seeking a career where you know that your hard work is valued by others, then a healthcare career is the perfect one to consider.


There are plenty of fantastic benefits to starting a healthcare career that you should evaluate when you’re looking to get started in your professional career or potentially transition to something new. Whether it’s the massive demand for qualified talent that the healthcare industry is experiencing, exceptional earning potential, career stability, or ability to help others - there is something that makes the healthcare industry appear attractive to job seekers. 

About the Author

Ryan Bucci is a Content Strategist with HospitalCareers. HospitalCareers is the leading recruitment platform for healthcare job seekers with over 28,000+ healthcare jobs, career advice, and career insights.