We often look for ways to how to merge multiple PST files into one. It becomes convenient for the user to handle PST files and avoid the issue of email corruption. This blog entails the details on how to merge multiple Outlook PST files by using the manual method and professional software. We have also discussed the possible reasons why a user needs to merge multiple PST files into one.

What Are The Reasons Why You Need To Merge PST Files?

  • The user needs to merge multiple PST files as it occupies unnecessary space, which leads to data corruption in Outlook.
  • If you have stored multiple PST files, it will slow the performance of Outlook and affect the system’s performance.
  • Another reason why a user needs to merge multiple PST files is that it can also create duplicate emails so it is always a better idea to merge PST files into one.

Manual Process to Join Multiple PST Files

  • Open Outlook and locate the PST files you want to merge. 
  • Click on New Items > More Items > Outlook Data File.
  • Now, open Outlook Data File and rename the new PST file.
  • Click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • From the navigation tab, you can locate the new PST file.
  • Click on the ‘File’ tab and click on ‘open’ and go to the ‘Import’ option.
  • Now, the ‘Import and Export’ wizard will appear on the screen and click on the ‘Import from Another Program or File’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button and choose the file type you want to import from.
  • Now, click on the ‘Next’ option and browse the file to the desired location.
  • Check the ‘Do Not Import Duplicates’ option.
  • Then, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Click on the folder you want to import and check the ‘Include Subfolders’ and ‘Import Items into the Same Folder In’.
  • Then, click on the Finish button.

The above are some of the steps, which will join the PST files manually. Ensure that you follow the steps carefully as even a single wrong step can lead to data loss and corruption. If you are not from a technical background, then it might seem like a tough process. However, avoid using the manual process and opt for a professional Outlook PST Merger. 

Use KDETools PST Merger to Merge PST Files

KDETools PST Merger is an advanced tool, which has an array of useful features. The user can easily merge multiple PST files such as Subfolders, Calendars, Emails, Contacts, Folders, and Journals without losing any data. The Outlook PST Merger can merge multiple PST files into one in just a few steps. The user can use a demo version of KDETools PST Merger and combine 30 files and see how effective and efficient it is.


Combining the PST files can be an intimidating task, however, by selecting the right tool, the user can join the PST files without facing any hassle. We suggest you avoid using the manual method and opt for a safe tool to merge the PST files.