A simple app to transfer entire EML databases to Gmail

  • Move EML to Gmail flawlessly
  • Export EML files of any size
  • Move not only one but also multiple EML files at once
  • Convert entire databases including meta properties and attachments
  • Export EML to Gmail with full accuracy
  • Compatible to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, WLM and many other major email clients
  • Designed to be used by both personal and industrial users
  • A Windows utility, support Wins10, XP, Vista, 8 and 7

EML to Gmail Importer is a really simple User Interface. You have 2 Steps to Import EML file to Gmail Account.

Step 1. Click Add files to select EML/EMLX files or folder. Before clicking on Authenticate your Gmail Account. Go to Gmail settings and enable IMAP under Forwarding and POP/IMPA heading.


Step 2. Enter username and password and click connect to my Gmail account and Select Gmail folder or create a new folder. Finally, press the tab ‘Process’ to start the transfer process


Prominent Key Features of Move EML to Gmail Program

Move Entire Data of EML to Gmail

This program has the capacity to make data conversion flawless by export entire content of an EML file. The file size doesn’t stop conversion. It enables users to export emails along with their attachments of TXT, JPG, PNG or any format. All meta properties of emails are retained by the app. 

Move Selective EML Files

The tool is entirely dedicated to making the conversion as per user’s choice. For this, the app has the capacity to export only selected EML files. Deeper browsing support allows users to select only required EML files. So the conversion results are obtained as per the user’s choice. 

Export EML Files in Bunch

This great utility supports faster migration where a number of EML files can be selected at once to move to Gmail at once. This approach saves time and boosts the speed of migration. Users can able to migrate different sizes of EML files altogether. This is an advanced feature of the app. 

Move to User’s Selected Gmail Account

Move EML to Gmail is a super cool utility. When you upload and launch the app, it needs the correct username and password to transfer the data to the particular Gmail account. The tool automatically connects to the targeted Gmail account. 

A Compatible Application

The software moves EML to Gmail swiftly. It exports Apple Mail to Gmail, Thunderbird to Gmail, Entourage to Gmail and multiple other major email clients to Gmail easily. The software supports all the email clients that save data in EML file format. 

A Simple Application

Operating the app sounds so easy. It is not going to test your technical skills. Users with basic technical skill can find the app easy to upload and configure. It is a lightweight software. 

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