A perfectly drawn brow can define the entire look. They can change the overall appearance and make someone look younger and accentuates the other highlighting areas of the face. Fashion and beauty trends are continuously changing and evolving. One of such beauty trend is Brow Embroidery. The name might sound new but the concept has gathered quite a lot of popularity in Singapore. 

Eyebrow Embroidery.jpg

There are a number of places where one can get Brow Embroidery in Singapore. Like tattoo brow embroidery technicians uses pigmented colours upon the brows to give the desired look and shape. But unlike tattooing they are semi permanent and with regular maintenance they can last for 2 years. Now let’s discuss how this embroidery is done. With small and disposable needles colour pigments are inserted beneath the skin surface which will eventually look like brow hairs.

As they are semi permanent in nature do proper research work and some get hold of some design specimens which might suit your face. While going for your brows done keep it in your mind to keep your skin in the most natural condition because only that will yield you the best outcome of the treatment. Using the already existing eyebrow the artists give the desired shape to the brows. As there are a few steps in the whole process, the task is a little bit time consuming. 

Some searching for getting their eye brows embroidered in Singapore can simply search 6D Eyebrow Embroidery SingaporeThere are a number of websites which lists the name and details of the most reputed artist and their shops. From there one can look for according to their preferences. In this website the brow embroidery artists shares their work along with photos of the same and prices. From there one can choose the one which suits their preferences.