To be in Agra is like walking down the memory lane to the flashes of Mughal Period. Located 220 km from Delhi, one must definitely visit the ‘city of Taj.’ Taj Mahal tour by helicopter is a tour specially organised by us, for our guest to experience the glimpses of history and artistry all at once.
Taj Mahal tour by helicopter will begin by picking you up from your hotel/airport/railway station anywhere in Delhi/Gurgaon/NCR. The journey will continue in a luxurious SUV/Sedan till the nearest helipad in Delhi. From there, it is time to fly high and reach the ‘city of love’ in the shortest time possible.

Depending on the number of guests R44 helicopter or Bell409/429 helicopters will be available at your service. These helicopters are considered as extravagant and posh, specially arranged for your convenience and leisure. R44 is a four seater helicopter, very reliable and has a high performing ability while the helicopter Bell409 is thoroughly designed for your comfort. A five seater helicopter giving a smooth ,peaceful ride perfect for a tour. It is the choice of our dear guest to opt for any helicopter depending on the number of people and comfort.

Once the chopper will take off its time to view the most anticipated sight from the bird’s eye view. A pearly white monument standing erect, the radiant blue water from the river Yamuna and the lush green Mughal Gardens making a perfect scenery and a breath taking view to behold! The view of Taj Mahal from air will leave you stun. Undoubtedly it will be the most beautiful sight one has ever seen. Taking a round surrounding the monument you will be able to capture every angle of Taj excellently.

As the chopper lands at the nearest helipad of Agra, it is now time to visit the monument personally.

Our guests are welcomed by receivnig fresh flower bouquets and garlands which is a traditional way of greeting any guest in India because we believe in India that our guests must be treated as God and ensure best hospitality is given to our companions. Apart from this a professional multilingual local tour guide will also be present there which will brief you with the minute details about the construction of the monument and the history it enclose. 

Our guides are skilled in speaking languages such as Russian, Germany, French, Spanish and English. Thus, there will be no barrier in communication as well. Pre-booked tickets will be available to you because at same day Agra tour by car we believe in providing an effortless journey to the tourists.

No matter how many times one has visited Taj Mahal the view of it will still leave you in awe. Constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of her beloved wife this mausoleum is an epitome of love. It took twenty-two years for its completion, assisted by twenty thousand men and one thousand elephants. Falling in the most beautiful monuments built by the Mughals, the unrestrained beauty of Taj is exquisite and sways millions of tourists every year.

As the spell bounded visit of taj mahal is over Taj Mahal tour by car will take you to the local handicraft markets of Agra. The handicraft bazaars of Agra are considered to be the most exclusive in terms of the design, material used and variety. One can buy miniature taj mahal, local jewellery, hand crafted textiles, carpets and items made up of semi-precious stones as souvenirs. Apart from marble these bazaars also excels in wooden handicraft artifacts and zardozi work.

This marks the end of Taj Mahal tour by helicopter. The chopper will take you back to Delhi and drop you comfortably. It will definitely be a life time experience to witness one of the seven wonders of the world from air. Visit us with your near and dears one to emprise this unique tour.