Interpretation of Dreams

Dreams have a worldwide language of their own. Each man on the earth dreams for a certain time, every single night. Do your dreams mean something, do they have any connections with real-life prospects? Or are they simply a blend of your flight of fancy? It is said that if you interpret what your subconscious mind is trying to come up with, about internal suppressed feelings, then you can actually discover what you want in life.

It can also be used to tell you, what you’re scared of and what you honestly long for. There is no distinguished meaning of the visuals you see in your dreams but there are lots of interpreting guides that justify the essence of certain symbols followed in your dreams. 

Let’s try to comprehend the images erupting out of the subconscious mind and its significance in real life:

1. Water symbolizes internal emotions and sensitivity. Calm and clear water signifies that you are good at handling your emotions while turbulent and muddy water means you need to work on your gut reactions. You quickly switch moods between being overwhelmed and depressed.


2. Vehicles mean either you are directionless or you are constantly worried about where your life is heading to. It tells you to take charge of the difficulties you are facing in life, in order to reach out to your destination and conquer them by trying out various possible transitions.


3. Babies depict something new is about to happen. Basically, a fresh start. It could be a new plan, a new proposal at work. It features enhancement in a particular section of your waking life.


4. Being chased is a very familiar dream. Getting chased often means that you are under pressure or in some troublesome situation. There might be something stressing you. Generally, because of anxiety regarding daily activities, you see such dreams. You are running from things that you need to address at this time and are of utmost importance.


5. School exams mean that you are worried about passing or failing in certain aspects. It is an impression of you worrying about your own personality. The test that you have to confront in school, being unprepared for it, marks up life events which are always impromptu. You just can’t plan every other step.


6. Being trapped means you should take a twist or turn from the monotony. Try a different approach. Fetch another job or plan a small vacation.


7. Missing a train or flight shows that you the need to be coordinated with your actions, you can’t be running out of time every now and then. We all remember ‘jab we met’, right?


8. Paralysis dreams are mostly because your body is indeed bumping into a type of paralysis and you are unable to perform physically while dreaming. Something tends to stop your physical actions. It indicates that you lack control of your regular life and seem to be panicked and stressed most of the time.


9. Death dreams mean that you are resistant to change. Death is not always negative. It does mark the end of something but also beginning of something new. Death in a dream can also mean that you are feeling unsafe.


10. Flying is a positive image. It means you are inspired and happy. It relates to the level of confidence you have in turning your aspirations into reality.


11. Falling in a dream indicates that you are focused on letting go of something. No need to hold on to something that is not worth the effort. Grabbing onto it would still mean a failure, so it’s better to let it go and move ahead.


12. Food illustrates nourishment, liveliness and also fuel for the brain. It is linked to the emotions, brain power, and piousness. It can also be a demonstration of phrases such as ‘food for thought’, that means you are curious about enhancing your knowledge.


13. Houses and buildings depict your mind and thought process. Each room symbolizes a part of you. Positions of rooms relate to different levels of your consciousness and various memories, you have been carrying along with you. Basement is related to the things you have been neglecting all this while or certain aspects that you are unaware of.


14. Being nude is quite a common dream that usually people see. It shows that you are very scared of being embarrassed, publically. You are not yet ready to come up with the real you, in front of everyone. It demonstrates how vulnerable you are.


15. Sex dreams mean that you have an earnest desire to have a better physical relationship with your partner. It also means that you are having a better tuning or understanding with your loved one.