A women is the one who brings us to this world nurtures us and provides us with all our needs. But what do we do to them? Harass them? There are many crimes committed against a women, it can be physically or mentally. Many people all over the world commit crimes against them and don’t feel ashamed of what they are doing just because they think that women are less capable and not equally strong. Just like the Indian Women team captain Mithali Raj's wages are way less as compared to Virat Kohli even though they stand at the same position and represent the country at the same level. We should all promote gender equality and this starts from the childhood when a boy is told not to cry because he is a boy and boy’s don’t cry! Like Disney princesses are portrayed as damsel in distress and their so called "brave" knight comes and saves her from every problem in this world. We must not promote such content. Today women are seen as packages that read 'handle with care' but I think that they have full potential to turn this situation upside down and if men think that they can use them as their toys, well they do not know that there is a storm approaching.