In Holland it is not always easy to obtain a loan. There is the so called BKR controle. Therefore many people are looking for a way to geld lenen zonder bkr toetsing.

A loan in practice

In practice this means that you are limited to small loans. You cannot borrow more than a couple of hundred euro`s. On top you have to repay the loans within a short time frame.

A negative credit score

However, if you have a negative credit score, this can be the only option to get quickel a loan approved. The advantage is that you can get money in 24 hours into your bank account. And that can be a good solution when you really need money very urgent.

The interest rates you have to  pay is rather high. However you are just borrowing a small amount so the amount in euro`s you have to pay is not to hight.

Search for a loan online

Such a loan called in Dutch a minilening can easily be obtained online. It will just take you a few minutes to complete a request. Once approved you can almost immediately use the money of the loan.

The Dutch credit register is registering all loans loans from people in the Netherlands. In this way they want protect people against excessive loans, which could cause financial problems. The disadvantage is that once you have a negative credit rating, it is rather difficult to get rid of this.

Because of this robust credit rating system, banks can easily assess their risk. This results in low interest rates for different loans. Geld lenen zonder BKR toetsing is therefore not provided by Dutch companies. It are international companies who only target the Dutch market online. In this way they are not required to register a loan in the Dutch credit register.