It was rush hour day.A married couple  got into train campartment.she held child under arms clutch.she covered her child under sareelayer.

After long effort, they got a seat near windowside.few minute they relaxed feel.then she drew hot water bottle and a empty milk bottle.  She  filled hot water into empty milk bottle half marked line till.again she tucked away into purse. And removed condensed milk tin opened it up and scooped up four spoons from it.then she closed the tin.then she shaked mixture well untill it turned into milky colour.again she drew sugar box from purse and spooned up two spoon from it, mixed it well untill it melt well into mixture.she repeated activity again same .now mixture was she poured a drop on her palm and tasted its sugary taste.confirmed its melody taste well.the she cuddled her child under arms over  he crossed lap.and thurst nipple of bottle into her mouth.