EML is an extension for an email message saved a file in the standard configuration by Microsoft Outlook Express just as some other email clients. In many cases, when user wants to move from one EML supportable email client to MS Outlook they need to convert EML file into PST format because we know that outlook support only PST file extension.
MS Outlook stores its data as the personal storage table otherwise called PST which makes it simpler to keep a backup copy of PST files. MS Outlook upgraded with the security features which protect the data and files.

Reason to Convert EML files:-

1. EML is a simple file format which is unable to secure data as compared to PST. Thus, for better security of files, the users need to convert EML into PST.

2. EML to PST conversion is required when the users switch its email client from Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, and so on to MS Outlook for better accessibility.

3. The main reason behind EML to PST conversion is that MS Outlook does not support EML format to save files. Afterward, In Order to save EML files into Microsoft Outlook, the users need to convert EML files into PST format.

An Automated Process of EML to PST conversion:-

A third-party tool is the best choice for converting EML files into Outlook PST format. Using Shoviv EML to PST converter you quickly convert single or multiple EML files into Outlook PST format. This tool provides a unique and attractive GUI (Graphical user interface) for the users. The tool also Migrate EML files into Office 365 and Live Exchange server. In order to convert EML files into Outlook PST format the only thing you need to do just follow these steps:-

Steps for EML to PST Conversion:-

  • First, you need to download or install Shoviv EML converter tool
  • Successfully launch the tool or ADD EML files and folders
  • Choose export type in case of PST conversion choose "Export in PST"
  • Choose desired file location where converted PST will save
  • You also able to create a password protected PST file
  • If you want to split large EML files Just check the split option with desired value
  • You also able to create a Unicode PST file (Check the create Unicode option)
  • After that click on the Export Button

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