That day was one of the finest days of my life. Unquestionably, when you get the anticipated result and you realize that your diligence has lastly been paid of verdures you by enormous gratification.

I was slumbering, when I woke up it was by now 10 am. I comprehended the results would be informed on the site soon. I wanted to grasp the result myself first. I departed to CBSE Exam Results 2014 and kept it unbolted. Soon I got intricate in other doings seeing tv most possibly. After a while, my mother emanated in an urgency and handed over me the phone, it was my science sir, he had recognized me for fairly a time, he questioned me to confer my roll no. to him as he held results were out. I gave him and hurriedly streamed to my PC from my bed. My heart was beating at a fast rate!! I pleaded to God (I truly did) and went to the site, it was previously open, refreshed it, through my hands trembling I entered my roll no., that taciturnity you sense in your heart and finger! I contemplate every scholar can narrate to it. Then the result exhibited 10 CGPA (95% it is the maximum one acquires in 10th boards from CBSE) with no upgradation. My happiness knew no limits. The phone echoed it was my sir yet again he told I had scored 10 CGPA. He was glad and so was everybody. In each subject, I had acknowledged a 10. That was a reminiscence I will never overlook. And that day I realized what it is like to sense “accomplishment”.

Nevertheless, many individuals say that 10 CGPA is not a great deal and it’s right several scholars get it however only the scholars who get it recognizes what sweat we have to set and go over throughout each SA’s and FA’s and the CCE my God! If in slightly one subject you acquire A2 or B1, you lane subsequently the teacher enquiring whether the fortuitous of getting 10 CGPA is mislaid or not. However, questions in boards are of no closer to that of struggles in 10th, nevertheless, an understanding book of separately and every subject especially Social Science (no felony) was truly hard-hitting. And till now it’s miserable that I have not yet touched that wisdom of accomplishment, but then I am always determined on the way to it and continuously will be.

‘No triumph whether big or small is “low or high” as I have faith in each of one them you attempt to give your best.’