I approached him once.

“People say you know much, but you rarely speak. Why this silence?” I asked.

“What should I speak?” He enquired.

“Religion, I guess” I replied.

“What about it?” He asked.

“Why so much of strife these days. Why instead of uniting us it is dividing us?” I asked.

“At times, people don’t really understand simple logic. Maybe they don’t want to hear it” He said.

“What is it?” I asked encouraging further explanation.

“The path of religion is more about walking than discussions. Those who reverse it and focus more on debates and arguments become philosophers, intellectuals, and fanatics. Those who don’t, and concentrate on walking gradually realize something valuable in the process.” He said.

“But why so?” I asked curiously.

“Ego filled discussions and sermons are always easy. It enhances your image and self-worth and people start following you, while silent walking takes away your identification. It means consistent giving up of your inner turmoil and that scares us.”He replied.

“Why it scares us?” I asked.

“The idea of giving up is so scary that humans can give up their lives, but not their attitudes and beliefs.” He replied.

I nodded in acceptance.

“The words pointing towards the truth is not the truth itself, but a mere reflection of it just as you see a reflection of yourself in water.” He said.

“What it means?” I asked.

“Truth is beyond words and is in personal experience. The sages uttered these words from a state of realization. In the absence of that realization words become your identification and that is dangerous. You can go to any extent to defend them according to your need and to satisfy your greed. Sadly, the image of truth appears more pleasing than the realization of it. This is the chaos of religion.” He replied back.