FBI (FB Information) friends itself is a directory consisting of friends with faces. This FB is a time killer and in one way it is good as people are engaged in their own FB activities from home without disturbing others instead of chit-chatting and gossip making with other friends and neighbors and wasting one’s own time as well others. Moreover, FB readers and operators longevity will be more when compared to non-FB operators, as per a research made by scientists - a leading English newspaper recently quoted. 

FB services can be best utilized for the purposes of communication information of new deals, set up of institutions information, information on various Training programs/government and private schemes information/NGO services information/health, educational, cultural and sports information, manufacturing of new products information, so on and so forth.

More than all, one can know the whereabouts and location places of persons/friends/relatives and known people at different places, their activity and movement of people around the world. We can also convey messages to all. FB Information serves people in many ways and it is up to the FB operators to know how best one can utilize the FB Tool system, when compared to Internet system o Messenger or WhatsApp system or SMS system. One can operate FB system by sitting at house/office or at any place including during travel time.

Also, one can watch the developments taking place at rural places, villages and in various Cities pertaining employment opportunities and facilities and also one can participate in many programs that are being offered through FB Information system. Participation of FB utilizing people is welcome various programs organized by many of the institutions through FB Information system.

Also FB operations are all free of cost and lot of money is saved in one way. So, it is advisable to use FB as per one’s own time availability and there looks to be no harm in posts as long the item posts doesn't harm anybody with regard to caste, creed, religion and also sentiments of others. 

FB is a good media tool and faster than any tool which one can use free of cost. The best utility in 21st century is FB TOOL. One should be happy for this FB facility provided by FB CEO.