Eye Creams or Under Eye Creams are an Integral part of our skincare routine and I always love trying new eye creams. The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive and requires special care.

From treating dark circles to relaxing tired puffy eyes, nourishing the skin and working on fine lines, Eye Creams does a lot of jobs and hence, it is Important to Include a good effective eye cream in your skincare routine.

Recently, while looking for some new options for under eye creams, I stumbled upon this eye cream by O3+ (Plus). This is O3+ Eye Circle Cream - Brightening and Whitening - Dermal Zone. This under eye cream is the award-winning eye cream on  Nykaa, comes under Amazon's Choice, and I have also heard good reviews about the same.

All this made me buy this eye cream with a lot of expectations. But did this eye cream actually worked for me?

Let us find out...

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