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Let us talk about something interesting. 

‘B-Town OCDs’

Just like us Bollywood actors also go through some OCDs. OCD is Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. 

"An obsession is an idea, thought or image that comes to a person's mind repeatedly without control. It is involuntary and intrudes on the conscious mind. A compulsion, meanwhile, is a ritual or action that an individual does to relieve the anxiety,"states Dr Jyoti Kapoor Madan.

"4% of the population has OCD, which means that one in every 25 people suffers from OCD," says Dr. Samir Parikh, Director Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare.

  1. Farhan Akhtar wants everything to be organized. If things are not well kept, it bothers him way too much. I am sure you all watch ‘Koffee With Karan,’ Farhan mentioned that there was a pillow out of order and it caught his attention. 
  2. Deepika Padukone suffered from depression and she also works to spread awareness about it. She also experiences some anxiety issue when her belongings and surroundings are not organised. Even a petty mix-up troubles her and she cannot focus unless, she sets things up according to her will. She wants her make-up room, her vanity, everything to be settled. 
  3. Vidya Balan flips out when it comes to cleanliness. She is very particular about things around her being spotlessly clean. To keep up with that she lends a helping and to the government to spread awareness about sanitation and germ free environment. 
  4. Sunny Leone is fanatic about feet hygiene. She is a maniac with that. She cleans her feet every now and then. While shooting, she washes her feet every 15 minutes to avoid any dirt. 
  5. Ajay Devgan, the Singham of Bollywood is cranky about hand cleanliness. He is disgusted by the idea of having smelly fingers. He avoids shaking hands with people too often. He prefers a fork and spoon to eat dal roti. Funny, Isn’t it? 
  6. Kareena Kapoor Khan is obsessive about being in shape. She freaks out if she turns a little out of shape and loves maintain size zero. She completely switched from being a flappy teenager to a perfect shape. Therefore, we noticed her losing her baby fat as quick as it can be, after Taimur. She is a fitness freak and Yoga expert and can’t take any extra kilos. 
  7. Preity Zinta, B-Town dimple queen can’t stand dirty washrooms. She is a cleanliness freak. She goes so cranky if she finds a dirty loo in a vanity van or a hotel room. 
  8. Priyanka Chopra, ‘Daddy’s lil girl…’ has an OCD about the napkins and cutleries. There should absolutely match or else she is unable to enjoy the party.  
  9. Ranveer Singh who is super zealous about everything is crazy about deodorants and hand sanitizers excessively. It often irritates Deepika, his partner in crime. He finishes deodorants and colognes bottles in everyday shots on the sets. 
  10. Ayushmann Khurrana is very concerned about his personal hygiene. He keeps his hands and nails sparkling clean. He has been observed frequently washing his hands. Also, he carries a dental kit with him. He brushes his teeth 3-4 times a day. Very crazy about dental health. 
  11. Salman Khan has immense love for collecting soaps. He has a collection of them from all over the world. You will find all categories of soaps, be it herbal, designer or hand made. He is known as ‘best smelling man of Bollywood’ because of his immense collection of soaps. 
  12. Ali Fazal has a funny obsession about coffee. He wants his coffee to be super hot and he will add sugar to it, himself and have it. If the coffee is not piping hot he won’t have it. 

13. Imran Khan is freaky about cleanliness. He wants spoons and plates to be absolutely clean. If it is not as per his requirement, he will himself wash and wipe it. Also, he wants his bedroom to be very clean before he could jump onto his bed. His bed needs to have a clean linen and it should be well kept. 

14. Saif Ali Khan spends a good amount of time in the restroom. He owns a bathroom library along with a telephone extension.